Kruger (May 17, 2019)

The Kruger family business builds a $ 575 million plant in Sherbrooke!

Kruger has just begun the construction of a plant in Sherbrooke equipped with the most advanced TAD technology (air-drying technology) in Canada in the field of tissue paper manufacturing. This major project would be the “largest construction site in the history of Sherbrooke” with 10% of hours worked annually in all of Québec’s industrial construction sector. The plant will eventually produce approximately 70,000 metric tons of bathroom tissue and paper towels per year and create 180 new jobs. Founded in 1904, Kruger is a third-generation Québec family business from New York that continues to reinvent itself and improve its operations. Today, it has 5,000 employees in 10 business lines in fields as diverse as paper, packaging, renewable energy and spirits, making it one of North America’s most diverse family-owned companies.

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