New Balance (June 21, 2019)

The family business New Balance celebrates its sponsored athlete, Kawhi Leonard, by creating shoes in the colors of his victorious team: the Toronto Raptors!

The basketball fever and the craze for the victorious Toronto Raptors spread throughout North America and elsewhere. A family-owned business, New Balance, has taken advantage of this triumph through its partnershiph with player Kawhi Leonard. Since last November, the American giant is associated with the star player: a marketing strategy that has paid off. Indeed, by wearing his New Balance shoes, Leonard has marked the recent history of basketball. To mark the occasion, the family business has created and marketed shoes in the colors of the famous Toronto team. This recent success will certainly help New Balance to pursue its new goals. The family business, founded in 1906 in Boston by William J. Riley and bought in 1972 by Jim Davis and his family, thus wishes to become the largest manufacturer of shoes dedicated to basketball and break into the lucrative Chinese market.

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