Schwan-Stabilo (April 26, 2019)

The German family group Schwan-Stabilo, manufacturer of the first fluorescent highlighter in 1971, is also the world leader in cosmetic pencils!

‘Like all family businesses, we aim for the long term, so we regularly seek to reinvent ourselves.’1 Sebastian Schwanhäuser, CEO of the Schwan-Stabilo Group and a member of the fifth generation of the founding family, points out. Created in 1855 in Nuremberg, the group is best known for its writing materials, including the famous highlighter pens launched in 1971. And yet, during its 164-year history, the company has always innovated, by diversifying its production in order to ensure its durability. As early as the 1920s, the family group diversified into cosmetics and has become the world leader in cosmetic pencils, an activity now accounting for 50% of its turnover. Since 2006, Schwan-Stabilo diversifies into outdoor equipment. It is behind brands like Deuter, Ortovox, Maier Sports and Gonso. Note that the group is the 2018 recipient of the Leonardo da Vinci Prize for its transmission capacity and as a model for dynamic and sustainable growth.

1Read the news: ‘Nobody is perfect until now: Schwan Cosmetics launches world premiere’

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