Tetra Pak (August 9, 2019)

Tetra Pak, the world leader in packaging, has just launched a paper straw for its individual beverage containers!

Tetra Pak packaging is part of our everyday life. Who does not know the famous small carton called berlingot, a tetrahedral packaging invented and launched by the company in the 50s to better conserve milk and occupy less space than bottles? Founded in 1951 by Ruben Rausing in Lund, Sweden, Tetra Pak has a history of both innovation and a long-term vision. Today, three grandchildren of the founder, Finn, Jörn and Kirsten Rausing, sit on the board of directors of Tetra Laval, the parent company of Tetra Pak, now the largest food packaging manufacturer in the world. More than 250 fully recyclable packaging forms for milk, beverages and other food products are manufactured by the family business operating in more than 160 countries. To reduce plastic waste problems, Tetra Pak has recently announced that its individual beverage containers will be equipped with a paper straw. This initiative, first tested in Europe, responds to its desire to invest in a low-carbon, circular economy.

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