The manufacturer of metal parts APN Global, a family SME among the most advanced in Quebec, is ready to make a new acquisition in California!

The Quebec family-owned SME APN Global is a leader in the manufacture of high-precision metal parts, particularly for the aeronautical sector. Founded in 1970 in Quebec City by the brothers Yves and Jean Proteau, it now brings together six companies. With approximately 200 employees, it operates five plants, two of which are in California. In addition, the family-run SME is preparing to make a new acquisition in California, thus anticipating a 25% increase in its turnover from 2021. The constantly growing business has not only made several acquisitions over the years, it has also developed its activities on the international scene. The export of products to the United States, Europe and China accounts for about 80% of its sales. The success of APN Global is based on cutting-edge technology, productivity and exceptional product quality. In 2018, it was the first company to receive the ‘Vitrine 4.0’ certification issued by the Bureau de normalization du Québec (BNQ), representing thus a true benchmark in its field. In 2019, the family-run SME was awarded ‘Supplier Gold’ certification granted to only 10% of suppliers worldwide.

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