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The family-owned company Larue, a world leader in the manufacture of snow removal equipment, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! The Larue family business is less well known to the general public. Champion in the manufacturing of industrial snow removal equipment, Larue snowplows and blowers are nevertheless part of our winter [...]

2023-03-17T11:12:35-04:00March 17, 2023|

Nutriset Group

Nutriset, the family-owned agro-food company specialized in innovative solutions to fight malnutrition, is undergoing a major restructuring in response to the global food crisis! Innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) hold no secrets for the Lescanne family and Nutriset Group, the world's leading supplier of products to combat malnutrition. When agronomist Michel [...]

2023-03-03T09:13:57-05:00March 3, 2023|


The third generation family business Berger is part of the Palmarès des entreprises au féminin, in the large company category, for the third year in a row! The flourishing history of the family business Berger is carried by the dream of an entrepreneur: Mrs. Huguette Théberge. In 1963, following in the footsteps [...]

2023-02-03T09:46:01-05:00February 3, 2023|

Tous au Château

Tous au Château, a family business run by the Guyot family, has the mission of restoring dilapidated châteaux and bringing them back to life in a sustainable way for the public! 'Reconciling the general public with heritage' is the mission that the Guyot family has set itself. While the Guyot family business—Tous [...]

2023-01-13T10:45:41-05:00January 13, 2023|

Fruit d’Or

The Quebec family business Fruit d'Or is the world leader in organic cranberry farming! Behind the story of Fruit d'Or lies an avant-garde entrepreneur looking for solutions that will transform agriculture in Quebec. Sustainable and eco-responsible development is at the heart of the concerns of Martin Le Moine, the founder of the [...]

2022-12-16T09:16:29-05:00December 16, 2022|

Blachere Illumination

Europe's leading designer of illuminations, the French family-owned group Blachere Illumination, manufactures its structures by hand and in an environmentally responsible manner! 'Illuminating places and cities' is the mission Jean-Paul Blachère set himself when he founded the company Blachere Illumination in 1973 in Apt, Provence. By inventing a new profession, the entrepreneur [...]

2022-11-25T12:41:23-05:00November 25, 2022|

Marie Claire Group

Family-owned Marie Claire Group, one of the largest fashion retailers in Quebec, has just launched Livøm, a Scandinavian-inspired multi-channel concept! For the Lafrance family, retailing and women's fashion have become expertise and a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation. United by their common passion for fashion, the couple [...]

2022-11-04T09:29:23-04:00November 4, 2022|


The Chouinard family has just created a trust and an NGO dedicated to investing all profits from the Patagonia company in environmental protection! The history of Patagonia is intimately linked to the environmental and social values of its founder Yvon Chouinard. Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard and his wife Malinda in [...]

2022-10-14T12:23:36-04:00October 14, 2022|


Polykar, a Quebec-based family business and North American leader in eco-friendly packaging, is setting up a new plant in Edmonton! Polykar is a second-generation family business specializing in the manufacture of environmentally responsible packaging and the recycling of polyethylene. The company's history began in 1987 when Elyse Damdjee and Aziz Karim set [...]

2022-09-30T10:11:35-04:00September 30, 2022|
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