Babolat, the 100-year-old family-owned company, is the world’s number one manufacturer of tennis rackets!

Founded in 1875, the Babolat family-owned company is the oldest specialized in racket sports. It is still owned by the family and is now led by Eric Babolat, great-great-grandson of the founder. Its slogan, ‘Tennis runs in our blood’, reveals without a doubt the family’s passion for this sport. Since the official invention of this sport, the company has created the first strings and thanks to the fame of its method of stringing rackets, the greatest tennis players trust their equipment. Rafael Nadal, who is associated with the brand since the age of 14, is also its main ambassador. The company is very present internationally where it records 80% of its sales and is also affiliated with Grand Slam tournaments, including Roland Garros and Wimbledon. For Wimbledon, Babolat has just created a personalized line of products that meet the dress codes of this famous English tournament: a white racket, a white bag and a white tennis T-shirt. This year, to mark the 12th victory of Roland-Garros by its ambassador Rafael Nadal, Babolat has put on the market a collection box containing miniature reproductions of the 12 Babolat rackets used by the champion during this tournament.

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