The family-owned company BIC, the world leader in disposable pens, lighters and shavers, has just acquired the French company AMI, a start-up specialized in augmented interaction technology!

“Simplify and joy to everyday life” is the motto of the family-owned company BIC. Founded in 1944 in Clichy by Marcel Bich and Édouard Buffard, the company, which was then called PPA (Porteplume, Portemines et Accessoires), first specialized in the manufacture of writing instrument parts. The objective of the two entrepreneurs was to democratize writing. In 1949, the company buys the patent of the ballpoint pen invented by the Hungarian László Biró. For a year, Marcel Bich refined the invention and launched the BIC Cristal pen in 1950. Since then, more than 100 billion copies of this famous pen have been sold around the world. In 1953, due to the immense success of its star product, the company was renamed BIC. From then on, through internationalization, acquisitions and diversification, the family business became a giant in the stationery, lighter and personal care sectors. With a presence in 160 countries and sales of 1.8 billion euros in 2021, BIC has been able to distinguish itself by offering quality, safe and affordable essential products developed through constant investment in research and innovation. In this context, the family-owned company has just acquired the start-up AMI, which specializes in augmented interaction technology based on the principles of magnetism. AMI is the designer of the ISKN Repaper drawing tablet, whose intelligent digital surface allows the capture of writings and drawings in electronic format. BIC, now headed by Gonzalve Bich from the third generation, sees the opportunity to strengthen its development capabilities in the digital field. The family-owned business is thus pursuing its initial mission by responding to the growing consumer demand for easy-to-use, durable and secure digital accessories.

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