The 6th generation Birkenstock family group, recognized for its comfortable sandals, has just launched a new chic sandal for the summer!

Founded in 1774 by shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock, the German family group Birkenstock is today one of the most important shoe brands in the world. The longevity and success of the family business is based on a unique skill developed by the  family, namely the art of artisanal shoemaking with orthopedic inspiration. To date, the 30 million pairs of sandals sold annually in more than 90 countries are still made according to a traditional manufacturing process consisting of 80 steps and more than 100 manual interventions. Over the past 30 years, the company has become the symbol of an authentic lifestyle and has taken environmentally friendly measures for which the PETA organization awarded it the Libby Prize in 2018. Furthermore, did you know that the group recently created a line of skin care products made from 100% natural ingredients, an initiative in line with its animal-friendly sandals? More recently, collaborations with designers and celebrities have made Birkenstock sandals an essential fashionable accessory. In collaboration with the New York brand Proenza Schoulder, the group has just launched a chic sandal for the summer.

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