Biron Health Group, a family business run by Geneviève Biron, once again counts among the best-managed companies in Canada!

Biron Health Group, a second-generation family business specializing in health services, is listed for the fourth consecutive year in Canada’s Best Managed Companies awards program, an annual competition presented by Deloitte. Founded in 1952 in Montreal by Denis Biron, the company, which was initially dedicated to performing laboratory analyzes, is today a leader in the health sector in Quebec with more than 120 service centres and 350 professionals. Over the years and acquisitions, it has diversified its range of services also offering sleep care, medical imaging, corporate health and genetic services. Relying on the quality of services, the family business has also received several attestations and certifications. For example, it became the first laboratory in Canada to receive ISO 9002 certification in 1994, which proves its mastery of quality. Currently run by Geneviève Biron, Biron Health Group, which is also certified by Accreditation Canada, is once again named among the best-managed companies in Canada!

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