Quebec’s family flagship of engineering, Bombardier Recreational Products, is experiencing sustained growth thanks to innovation!

The story goes back to 1942 in Valcourt, Estrie, when inventor-entrepreneur Joseph-Armand Bombardier founded L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Ltée following the invention of the Ski-Doo. In 60 years, the family business has grown into a multinational manufacturer in the transport sector. However, in 2003, the parent company Bombardier Inc., decided to concentrate its activities around the aeronautics and rail industries by spinning off its production subsidiary of recreational vehicles in Valcourt. This new independent company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), of which a significant part of the shareholding is still in the hands of the Beaudoin-Bombardier family, has since become a world leader in the manufacture of motor sports vehicles with revenues of over C $ 5 billion. BRP has reconnected with its roots as an innovator by investing heavily in R&D and notably by setting up a research center located in Valcourt which now employs more than 450 engineers and technicians. The company has since enjoyed significant growth thanks to its 12,600 employees. As a sign of its success, the progress of the BRP team was recently rewarded as its side-by-side all-terrain vehicles won two major rallies in Saudi Arabia and California. Today, three family members sit on the board of directors of BRP: Pierre Beaudoin, his brother-in-law Louis Laporte and, since 2020, his cousin Charles Bombardier. The latter also follows in the footsteps of his illustrious grandfather. As an engineer specializing in the new product development, he is also an investor recognized worldwide for his work with startups dedicated to technological advancement in the field of transport. Which goes to show that ingenuity and creativity are part of the DNA of the Beaudoin-Bombardier family and its BRP company!

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