The French family business Fleury Michon uses robots to produce meals served on planes!

Fleury Michon, a family-owned business specializing in agri-food processing, is a leader in the preparation and distribution of ready meals. Founded in 1905 by Félix Fleury and Lucien Michon in Paris, the French family business is currently present in eight other countries. In addition to producing ready-to-eat meals, Fleury Michon has specialized over the years in the preparation of frozen dishes for airline catering. In this field, Fleury Michon has more than 27 years of experience and serves flights departing from Europe and North America. Moreover, 30 million meals a year are prepared at its plant in Rigaud, Quebec. The growing company will also invest $ 34.5 million to upgrade its facilities to a plant 4.0 at the cutting edge of technology.

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