Nutriset, the family-owned agro-food company specialized in innovative solutions to fight malnutrition, is undergoing a major restructuring in response to the global food crisis!

Innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) hold no secrets for the Lescanne family and Nutriset Group, the world’s leading supplier of products to combat malnutrition. When agronomist Michel Lescanne founded Nutriset in 1986, he followed in the footsteps of his father, Roger Lescanne, the first director of Mamie Nova. The Normandy-based entrepreneur’s mission was to treat and prevent various forms of malnutrition through research, development, and production of nutritional foods distributed worldwide. Innovative in both products and social terms, Nutriset is the originator of F100 milk powder and Plumpy’Nut, a revolutionary ready-to-use therapeutic nutritional solution for treating severe malnutrition. Resolutely committed to sustainable development goals, Nutriset is propelled by a humanistic “social purpose corporation” business model. This led it in 2005 to create Plumpyfield, a franchise system aimed at supporting southern networks of entrepreneurs while developing products that are better adapted to local populations. Nutriset also works closely with the United Nations, its main client, as well as several international organizations, emergency NGOs, governments, and institutions. Today, the group has 12 production sites, 1,250 employees, and 60 research partnerships. In the past year, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the effects of climate change, and the acute rise in inflation, global food insecurity has worsened considerably. To address this crisis, the family-owned company has undertaken a major restructuring to significantly increase production and meet the urgent demand of its clients and partners. The family group has thus set up a €7 million investment plan aimed at opening new production lines. Through a large-scale recruitment campaign, the company plans to increase its production by 60% in 2023-2024. This restructuring allows sisters Adeline Lescanne-Gautier, CEO, and Faustine Lescanne Malo, Executive Director France, to reaffirm their father’s group’s mission loud and clear.

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