Hestra, a Swedish family business manufacturing gloves, recently welcomed a 4th generation member to its management team!

The family business Hestra was founded in 1936 by Martin Magnusson in a village of the Småland province in Sweden. Since its foundation, Hestra has manufactured gloves dedicated to local lumberjacks, and the business has grown since then. Today, Hestra is present in more than 25 countries and offers more than 400 models of ski, outdoor, urban and work gloves and mittens adapted to winter climatic conditions. In collaboration with professional skiers and adventurers, the family business designs innovative products made in its own factories using proven methods inherited from its 84 years of history. In fact, some members of the Magnusson family participate in the hand-making of certain models. It is interesting to note that the new general manager Anton Magnusson, member of the fourth generation, is one of the few master certified glove cutters in Scandinavia trained according to the French classical tradition.

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