The family-owned company Larue, a world leader in the manufacture of snow removal equipment, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The Larue family business is less well known to the general public. Champion in the manufacturing of industrial snow removal equipment, Larue snowplows and blowers are nevertheless part of our winter landscape. When it was founded in 1973, J.A. Larue Inc. specialized in repairing heavy equipment with diesel engines, and then refurbishing snow removal equipment. Through repairing other companies’ snowplows, André Larue began to imagine a more durable and suitable snow blower for Quebec’s particularly harsh winters. This vision prompted the entrepreneur to rethink the company’s mission, which would now be devoted to designing, manufacturing, and distributing snow removal equipment for local and global markets. For the Larue family, snow is not just a meteorological phenomenon, but a way of life inherited from their Quebec roots. This “snow culture” that saw the birth of the company allows J.A. Larue Inc. to clearly distinguish itself from the competition by giving it a fine knowledge of the various winter conditions that help it to develop equipment that is perfectly adapted to them. One example is the T80 model, which was specifically designed for the high mountains of California, Washington and Wyoming. With strong growth, the family business, now run by Denis and Louis, the founder’s sons, has more than 100 employees who manufacture nearly 220 pieces of equipment distributed in more than 12 countries each year. With 22 distributors and 61 service points, it offers the widest range of detachable and self-propelled snow removal equipment in the world. This allows it to hold more than 85% of the Quebec market, while 70% of its sales are made outside Quebec. J.A. Larue Inc.’s clients include airports, municipalities, snow removal contractors and government agencies. The company’s most recent success is to get the green light to bid on the U.S. Department of Defense’s next snow removal equipment purchase. On the eve of its 50th anniversary, J.A. Larue Inc. has the wind in its sails!

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