The family business Lemay, a jewel of architecture in Quebec and internationally, will transform the church of Murdochville into an après-ski chalet!

The architectural firm Lemay was founded in 1957 by Georges Lemay and Claude Leclerc in Montreal. Although Louis T. Lemay, Georges Lemay’s son, began working there in 1984 as an architect, it was only in 1998 that he took the reins of the family business. Under his leadership, the business experienced very significant growth. By creating an interior design department and acquiring several architectural firms, it diversifies its service offering and establishes itself as a key player in architecture in Canada and internationally. In addition, Lemay ranked 45th in the 2020 World Architecture 100 ranking. Offering integrated services ranging from architectural design to branding, including landscaping, design and urban planning, Lemay stands out both for its creativity and expertise and for its concern for creating sustainable spaces. After participating in emblematic projects such as Espace 67 historic site renewal, the Montreal-Trudeau airport or the seaside promenade for Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque, Lemay goes to Gaspésie where it will, this time, transform the church of Murdochville into a Scandinavian-style après-ski resort. The new multi-purpose space aims to offer an après-ski and resort experience that will delight even the most serious powder snow enthusiasts!

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