After 20 years of absence, the emblematic bikes of the Peugeot family brand are once again available in Canada!

The history of Peugeot bicycles dates to 1885 when two members of the Peugeot family began mass production under the brand name Cycles Peugeot. While the Peugeot family is mainly associated with the automobile industry, its various branches developed and manufactured during the 19th century various products, including tools, coffee grinders, bicycles and cars, based on a common know-how: the work of steel. Today, the various projects launched by this family, including the Cycles Peugeot brand, are grouped under the PSA Group (Groupe Peugeot société anonyme) whose family still owns just over 12% of the shares. PSA Group also includes Citroën, DS Automobiles, Vauxhall and Opel, car manufacturers acquired in the last 50 years. To date, the Peugeot Cycles brand is present in nearly 160 countries with more than 10,000 points of sale. To the delight of bicycle enthusiasts here, Peugeot bicycles are back on the Canadian market.

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