The Slovenian family SME Pipistrel has just obtained a flight certificate for its electric aircraft model: a first for this type of vehicle!

Thanks to the family company Pipistrel specializing in the production of light and ultralight airplanes, an important step has been taken to make aviation possible without greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, its Pipistrel Electro Velis model has just received a flight certificate from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency: a first for an electrical aircraft. At the end of a six-day round trip between Lausanne and Aix-les-Milles, two Pipistrel Electro Velis planes with a flight capacity of 50 minutes with two pilots on board, were approved on September 28. Innovations like this have marked the history of Pipistrel. Since its founding in 1987 in Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia) by hang-glider pilot and environmentalist Ivo Boscarol, the family business has won several international competitions including the NASA Green Flight Challenge in 2011. Today, the company is still run by Igor Boscarol, its current CEO, and his daughter, Taja A. Bascarol, co-director and co-owner. Peter Bascarol, son of the founder, is CEO of Pipistrel Italia, one of the company’s four divisions.

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