Polykar, a Quebec-based family business and North American leader in eco-friendly packaging, is setting up a new plant in Edmonton!

Polykar is a second-generation family business specializing in the manufacture of environmentally responsible packaging and the recycling of polyethylene. The company’s history began in 1987 when Elyse Damdjee and Aziz Karim set up their waste bag manufacturing plant in Ville Saint-Laurent. Quickly, faced with a growing demand for eco-responsible products, Polykar invested in polyethylene recycling processes. A true pioneer, the family business is now a North American leader in its field. The Quebec-based flagship manufactures, among other things, industrial waste bags made from recycled plastic, compostable bags for organic waste collection and food packaging. Since 2018, Polykar has been led by President and CEO Amir Karim, son of the founders and MBA HEC Montréal graduate (1992). Evolving within the family business since 2001 where he led the national and strategic growth, Amir Karim is resolutely focused on innovation and growth. This year, he will open a second 50,000-square-foot plant in Edmonton to manufacture compostable packaging for food products. Amir Karim and his new management team took advantage of the succession process to review the strategic plan and reiterate the mission and community values of the family business. With this in mind, Polykar, a Deloitte Canada’s Best Managed Companies recipient, is creating the Polykar Foundation in 2018. This foundation, headed by the three children of the founding couple, aims to support projects in fields as varied as arts and culture, environment, health, international development and education. In this regard, one of the first initiatives was to make a first substantial donation in 2020 to HEC Montreal for the construction of its downtown building. Amir Karim wanted to give back to his alma mater and contribute in his own way to what he describes as a historic project. In recognition of Amir Karim’s donation, HEC Montréal will name a classroom in the new building after him!

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