Smucker’s (March 8, 2019)

The Canadian subsidiary of the family business Smucker’s announces the expansion of its Carnation and Eagle Brand milk plant in Sherbrooke!

Founded in 1897, Smucker’s is a family-owned US company of the agri-food sector that is managed today by the 5th generation. Behind this firm hides more than jams. The family business also includes brands such as Folgers, Crisco, Five Roses, Double Fruit and Habitant, just to name a few. Based in Sherbrooke for 80 years, a plant of its Canadian subsidiary (Smucker Foods of Canada) produces Carnation evaporated milk and Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. In addition, the company, involved in several local organizations, has just announced a major investment to modernize and expand the facility and consolidate jobs. A contribution of $ 1.8 million from the Government of Canada will be added as part of the Dairy Processing Investment Fund.

Read the news: ‘Smucker food of Canada Corp. Announces Investment in Sherbrooke Manufacturing Facility’

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