Australia’s largest family-owned flower business, Tesselaar, celebrates its origins with its tulip festival!

The history of the family business Tesselaar dates back to 1939 when the couple Cees and Johanna Tesselaar, originally from Holland, immigrated to Australia on the eve of World War II. In 1945, six years after their arrival, the couple settled in Silvan in the state of Victoria and bought a small six-hectare farm. With little resources, they had an idea in mind: to use their ancestral floriculture expertise to cultivate tulips and gladiolas. They then created the company Padua Bulb Nurseries, which later became Tesselaar. The company specialized in both the cultivation and marketing of cut flowers, bulbs, plants, and perennials. In 1960, they established a greenhouse cultivation system that allowed them to cultivate high-quality flowers year-round. Today, their computerized greenhouse system is recognized as one of the most energy-efficient in the world. Wanting to share their unique expertise and immigration experience, the Tesselaar actively participated in the development of the floriculture industry in Australia by helping other Dutch immigrants establish their nurseries. This spirit of cooperation has created a network of subsidiaries and associated companies throughout the country, which now includes 140 producers. This structure has helped the family business establish short transport circuits between local producers and florists. The family business, now led by Paul Tesselaar of the third generation, is also actively involved in its community by providing advice and patronage to tourist organizations or those dedicated to training in floriculture and horticulture. Every year, Tesselaar pays tribute to its origins by organizing the KaBloom festival, which takes place in April. On this occasion, the company opens the doors of its 55-acre Silvan farm to showcase the 120 varieties of tulips and other flowers it cultivates. This festival, which has attracted over a million visitors over the years, has raised over $68,000 for local charities. This is a family business that knows how to make its community thrive!

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