The family-owned business Une Touche d’Ail has a mission to promote food self-sufficiency in Quebec by making garlic accessible year-round!

Promoting food self-sufficiency and sustainable agriculture by making local garlic available year-round despite the Quebec winter is the mission of Une Touche d’Ail, a family business specializing in the cultivation of garlic and garlic flowers. The story began in 2016, when 15-year-old Nicolas Taillefer planted 1000 garlic bulbs in his grandfather’s garden in Saint-Anicet in Montérégie. It was the start of an adventure that continues to this day. Today, Nicolas Taillefer and his partner Karine Fournier are co-owners of the family business. From a contract with IGA in 2020 to widespread distribution in Quebec in 2022, Une Touche d’Ail has more than tripled its production every year since its founding. With its 85 acres, the company has become the largest garlic producer in the province! Their facilities can accommodate 200 tons of garlic annually. With sustainable agriculture at the forefront of its concerns, the family-owned business cultivates its products without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All bulbs that do not meet industry standards are processed into garlic-based products such as butter, sauce, and puree, as well as products based on garlic flowers such as relish and pesto. To our great delight, Une Touche d’Ail offers a year-round product of unrivaled quality in a market dominated by imported products. The secret behind its bigger, fresher, tastier and juicier garlic lies in its controlled preservation techniques, allowing the garlic to remain firm, fresh, and fragrant for longer!

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