Dutch family giant Van Oord, a marine contractor specializing in the construction of deep-sea infrastructure, has just handed over management to the fifth generation!

Perseverance, ingenuity and the desire to build a better world for future generations are the founding pillars of the Dutch family business Van Oord, which was founded in 1868. Under the impetus of Govert van Oord, a timber merchant, the company quickly capitalized on the unique advantages of the Netherlands, where almost a third of the territory lies below sea level. Thanks to this privileged geographical location, the country has made large-scale maritime projects a key economic driver. It is in this singular context that the Van Oord family business has forged unrivaled expertise in marine engineering, through projects such as the fortifications of the Delta Plan and the expansion of the port of Rotterdam. Drawing on the strengths of their homeland, the van Oord family has built its company into a global giant in dredging, marine engineering and deep-sea projects. Impressive projects such as the Panama Canal, the parallel to the Suez Canal, Dubai’s Palm Island and the first waterborne airport in Kansai, Japan, are just some of the highlights of their impressive track record. Crowned with the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Prize in 2016, awarded by the Henokiens Association of Bicentenary Family Companies, Van Oord remains true to its family heritage. This year, the 5th generation, headed by Govert van Oord as CEO, took over the reins of the company, which employs 5,000 people and generates annual sales of over 1.5 billion euros. Looking to the future, the company is committed to sustainable development, investing in clean technologies and environmentally friendly marine construction methods, as illustrated by its participation in the COP28 project aimed at strengthening coastal areas with sustainable solutions.

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