The family business BEM, the Quebec leader in fireworks, represented Canada at Montreal’s annual international fireworks competition!

BEM Fireworks is a third-generation family business launched by the Masson family in the 50s in Coteau-du-Lac. BEM was first a distributor of firecrackers and became over the years the Quebec leader in the pyrotechnic field and the largest importer of fireworks in the country. In addition to importing high-quality fireworks, the family business develops innovative pyrotechnic products for domestic and professional use. It also designs and presents between 80 and 100 shows a year across Canada. The master fireworks technician represented Canada at the International des Feux Loto-Québec competition on July 20th, offering a colorful show to celebrate the first steps of the Man on the Moon. Entitled “A First Walk on the Moon”, the show, which took 9 months of preparation, was punctuated by musical hits of the 60s. This is the 4th time that BEM participates in this great international fireworks competition whose final will take place this July 27. Today, the fourth generation of Masson is already at work in the family business.

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