Australia’s leading footwear manufacturer, the family business Blundstone, launches new certified vegan Chelsea boots!

Celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2020, the family-owned business Blundstone is Australia’s leading shoe manufacturer. Its success is based on respect for its heritage and a design that is both timeless and versatile. The company’s history began in 1870 when Eliza and John Blundstone arrive in Hobart, Tasmania. As an expert in boot making, John first imported boots from England, his native country, to resell them before starting to make them by using local leather. The company quickly developed boots that were robust, comfortable and simple, ideal for farm work. These boots quickly gained notoriety, notably at the Hobart International Exhibition in 1894, where their exceptional qualities were recognized. In 1932, the Cuthbertson family acquired the company and consolidated its own shoe manufacturing operations, excluding its tannery, under the Blundstone banner. A key moment for the company came with the creation of the unisex Chelsea Original 500 in 1968. This model was initially a local success and became suddenly world famous in 1990, and has been the company’s flagship product ever since. The popularity of this line of ankle-high, laceless boots with elastic sides led Blundstone to develop new export markets. Today, the company exports to more than 20 countries, including Canada, Italy, Israel and England. Although the company has not produced its leather and leather boots in Tasmania since 2007, it remains one of the major employers in the region by still producing its rubber boots there. Anne Routley and Helen Dickinson, Sir Harold Cuthbertson’s two daughters, are now the owners. Constantly adapting to the new realities of the market, Blundstone has just launched new Chelsea boots, this time certified vegan, which will delight vegan enthusiasts!

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