The Chair of Succession and Family Enterprise is pleased to announce the launch of the website From Success to Succession! This second updated edition* aims to promote the successful transfer of businesses, whether family-owned or not.

A Stimulating Guide

From Success to Succession offers tools that will guide incumbents as well as successors in undertaking a business transfer and succession process. Considering the human dimensions of this complex process, the website offers useful information to help understand and identify its key issues, contexts, and actors.  The website presents several tools including two personalized quizzes that will allow incumbents and successors to meet the unique problems and opportunities they will face in the business transfer and succession process.

An Individual and Collective Challenge

According to Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, professor of management at HEC Montréal and holder of the Chair of Succession and Family Enterprise, “The challenges connected to business succession can have a profound impact on all of those involved, both individually and collectively”. So the Chair has updated the website From Success to Succession to further improve the succession process and help develop competent successors and buyers who are better prepared to take over a business.

Visit From Success to Succession! And watch the video of the launch below:

*The first edition of the website From Success to Succession was conceived in 2008 by the HEC Montréal Chair of SME Development and Succession, with the help of partners from the private sector.