Hallmark, a family business first specializing in the creation of greeting cards, has produced 40 new Christmas movies in 2019!

On November 1, Hallmark Cards declared the holiday season officially open by putting its famous Christmas movies on its TV channels. First recognized for its greeting cards, the 3rd generation family-owned private business, founded in 1910 in Kansas City by J. C. Hall, has become a real empire. While its greeting cards are still at the center of its business model and now translated into 30 languages ​​and distributed in more than 100 countries, the firm now has six complementary subsidiaries: Hallmark Greetings, Hallmark Retails, Hallmark Home & Gifts, Crayola, Crown Center and Crown Media. Through its subsidiary Crown Media, an audiovisual production company operating three television networks in the United States, Hallmark Cards produced no fewer than 40 new Christmas movies this year. This is something to delight young and old before and during the holidays!

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