Grover Farm, a 3rd generation family business in Laval, is the largest producer of poinsettias in Quebec!

Poinsettia is the most popular holiday ornament. This year, approximately 300,000 poinsettias are grown at Grover Farm, a family-owned business established in Ste-Dorothée, Laval, for more than 70 years. This farm, which specializes in growing and marketing annual flowers, is the largest producer of poinsettias in Quebec. Its plants are, among other things, distributed in major grocery chains in Quebec and Ontario. Founded by Laurier Grover, the farm originally had only three individual greenhouses. Currently, the size of its facilities dedicated to growing plants covers no less than 636 538 square feet. The various branches of the company are today managed by five members of the 3rd generation of the Grover family: Guillaume, Odile, Joëlle, Martin and Tom. They work together to perfect the practices of the family business. Moreover, Grover Farm was the first in Quebec to install a complementary water recuperation system.

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