Burnbrae Farms, a sixth-generation Canadian family business, focuses on ecological innovation and women’s leadership!

Burnbrae Farms is a sixth-generation Canadian family egg company. Its mission: to produce high-quality eggs, while remaining at the forefront of environmentally-friendly operating practices. Among the leaders in its sector, the family business distinguishes itself by promoting healthy living, animal welfare, sustainable development and community involvement. Founded in 1891 by Joseph Hudson in Ontario, it began as a dairy farm before pivoting to aviculture, more specifically egg production. More than 80 years later, the company has become the country’s leading family egg producer, offering high-quality products that are both nutritious and affordable from coast to coast. Today, led by the sixth generation of the Hudson family, including President and CEO Margaret Hudson, Burnbrae Farms employs over 500 people and operates several sites in various Canadian provinces, including Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. In recognition of its commitment to women’s leadership, the company has been WBE Canada certified since 2022, underlining its status as a majority women-owned business. In addition, Burnbrae Farms stands out for its responsible practices and investments, notably in green projects dedicated to the production of high-quality eggs using some of the most environmentally friendly operating methods in Canada. For example, the Woodstock farm in Ontario is now equipped with solar panels and fully energy-efficient systems, demonstrating the family business’s commitment to sustainable development. Through this initiative, Burnbrae Farms is once again breaking new ground with the launch of Naturegg Solar Free Range and Naturegg Omega Plus Solar Free Range in 2023.

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