The family-owned company SC Johnson, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning products, is working to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics!

The story of SC Johnson, a fifth-generation private family business, is marked by steady improvements in its environmental practices. Since the acquisition in 1886 of a small flooring company in Wisconsin by Samuel Curtis Johnson until today, the US giant has demonstrated its environmental leadership. As early as 1975, three years before the introduction of an official measure in the United States, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household products removed chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from its aerosol products. For several years, the multinational has been working to reduce its use of non-recyclable plastic. For example, in 2004, it eliminated PVC and PVDC from its products and packaging. It also marketed Ziploc® compostable bags in 2013. Today, 94% of its packaging is recyclable. SC Johnson is therefore an undisputed environmental leader and was twice the recipient of the prestigious World Environment Center’s Gold Medal in 1994 and 2016. Most recently, SC Johnson has again demonstrated leadership in dissociating itself from the Plastic Industry Association, a powerful US lobbyist promoting the use of plastics.

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